My Future Life

The My Future Life profile activity prompts students to think creatively about who they might become when they grow up. After imagining themselves as adults, students will have a conversation about how their hopes and expectations for their lives can influence the decisions they make as b’nai mitzvah.

  1. Have students complete the My Future Life profile worksheet. Encourage them to talk as they work. Because this is based on their imaginations, the sky is the limit. At the same time, reiterate that you want them to consider seriously what they might be like when they grow up.
    1. Provide materials for students to draw a self-portrait or make a collage in the provided space or another page.
  2. When all the students have completed their profiles, take a few minutes for them to share about their future selves.
    1. Ask students to share what they chose for occupation, the coolest thing they’ve ever done, and their relationship with Judaism.
    2. Ask students to share why they chose to write what they did and see if others in the class have similar reasons.
  3. Revisit the timeline from the beginning of this activity. As young adults, your students probably follow a lot of the traditions of their parents or families. Explain that as adults, in the Jewish community and in general, they will need to think about what parts of the life cycle are important to them. Here are some questions to pose to the group:
    1. Is it important to celebrate or recognize the things we have marked on this timeline? Why or why not?
    2. Are you going to observe similar traditions and holidays as your family does when you are older? Why or why not?
    3. What will you do differently than your family? What will carry on?
    4. What values or beliefs will be important to you and your family?
    5. How will you share that with your community?
    6. Do you think your values and beliefs might change over time? Why or why not?

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