Use the following questions to guide a discussion about values of humanity, work and the soul. Use either the found poem or the themes as a jumping off place for the students to discuss their values. Keep notes of the discussion, using the themes from Part I of this lesson as organizing ideas for the discussion. Ask:

  • What is work? Why do we work? What does work fulfill for us?
  • What kinds of work do you do, imagine yourself doing in the future, would never do?
  • What is leisure? Why do we humans want and need it? What is the relationship between work and leisure?
  • What is the meaning of life beyond work?

Conclude Part II of the lesson by reading the Introductory Essay with them. As they read, ask students to note (or highlight) examples of how people's human needs were met or not met. If your students already have an understanding of and information about the mass immigrations of Jews and others in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tenement housing, sweatshops, the garment industry, and unions, you can recall this information with them and then move directly into Part III of the lesson.

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