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Photographic Impressions

(15-20 minutes including individual work and group sharing)

  1. Distribute copies of the "Fact, Feeling, Idea, Question" chart to each student. You may choose to distribute copies of the photographs to individual students or project these photos one-at-a-time for students to view together.
  2. Ask students to look carefully at the picture. Encourage them to notice isolated parts of the picture as well as the scene as a whole. They should then write a fact, feeling, idea and question inspired by each picture in the appropriate spaces in the chart. After students have had time to do this, invite them to share their responses, which you can write on the projection below the picture or on a sheet of newsprint that you can save. It’s important to acknowledge and accept each response and not to evaluate the students' observations, except to correct obvious errors in the “fact” category. (To track common responses, we suggest you put check marks next to comments already made that come up two or more times.)

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