Wrap Up

  1. Have your class review the list of civil rights issues that they developed earlier in the lesson.
  2. Make sure each student has a sheet of blank paper and a writing implement. Have each student prioritize the list on the board and write down, in order, what they think are the 5 most important issues to them.
  3. When every student has finished making their own list, have them get into new groups to compare and discuss their lists.
  4. With students sitting with their new groups, ask the following questions of the whole class:
    • What criteria did you use to prioritize your list? (or How did you decide which items to put on your list and in what order to put them?)
    • How did your list differ from the other people in your group? If you discussed reasons for why members of your group had different priorities from one another, what were these reasons?
    • Where on your list were issues within the Jewish community? Do you think Jews should help the Jewish community first? Why or Why not? (See the article "Non-Zero Sum: Helping Others and Ourselves," listed under Teacher Resources [link], for further discussion of these questions.)
    • Do you think Jews have a greater responsibility to stand up for civil rights and social justice? Why or why not?
    • Who has the right/responsibility to define which issues Jews should be involved in? Jewish Movements? Synagogues? Social change organizations? Individuals?

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