Prepare for Temple Board Meeting, Part B: Reviewing the Documents

  1. Distribute the chosen primary source documents. Provide each student with a copy of the Document Discussion Guide and go over the directions as a class.
  2. Divide your class into pairs or small groups to examine and discuss the documents around the room/in their packets.
  3. Explain that they can use the documents to get a sense of how their characters might have felt about the Civil Rights Movement and to get ideas for what they might say during the Board Meeting. As they look through the documents, students should identify which documents and arguments are most relevant to their assigned characters and read those most closely.
  4. When all the groups have finished reviewing the documents, have your students come back together as a class. Have the groups share some of the items on their lists. You may want to write their ideas on the board.
  5. If the Board Meeting is occurring at a later time/date, go over when and where the Board Meeting will be held and review what will be expected of them.

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