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Jaimie Greenbaum

You grew up in the South, though not in this particular community, and actually only moved here a couple of years ago. Your oldest son was in high school at the time and was not very happy about having to move and leave all his friends behind. Maybe that's why he chose to go so far from home for college. Now he's a student at a fancy Northern college. He and his friends from college have become involved in the Civil Rights Movement and are coming to town to participate in the protest. The last time he was home, over the Jewish holidays just a couple of months ago, you had a long discussion with him in which he shared many of his reasons for becoming involved in the fight for African American equality. You are impressed by your son's resolve and have sympathy for the Civil Rights Movement, but also are concerned for his safety. You feel it is your duty to represent your son's reasons for protesting.

Preparation for taking on the role of your character:

  1. What values (be as specific as possible) are important to your character? What in this description made you draw those conclusions?
  2. What are your character's experiences/concerns (be as specific as possible)? What in this description made you draw those conclusions?
  3. Based on these values and experiences/concerns, would your character support a) home hospitality for civil rights activists and/or b) members supporting the protest?
  4. Return to the documents you read earlier and identify the most relevant documents and arguments based on what you know about your fictional character.
  5. Using both what you know about your fictional character and the arguments from the documents you read earlier, develop your argument for the board meeting. You may use the space below to outline your argument.

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