Abe Rosenberg

You grew up in this town and at this temple. In fact, your family has belonged to this temple since it was founded a few generations ago. You have known many of your neighbors since childhood. A number of years ago you started your own business. It's not very large, but it serves the white community well and supports your family (including two young children). You work very hard to make the business successful. You joined the local community civic organization when they invited you because you think membership will be important to growing your business. You are one of only a few Jewish members, and you try to keep a low profile. Recently, this organization honored you as Businessman of the Year.

Preparation for taking on the role of your character:

  1. What values (be as specific as possible) are important to your character? What in this description made you draw those conclusions?
  2. What are your character's experiences/concerns (be as specific as possible)? What in this description made you draw those conclusions?
  3. Based on these values and experiences/concerns, would your character support a) home hospitality for civil rights activists and/or b) members supporting the protest?
  4. Return to the documents you read earlier and identify the most relevant documents and arguments based on what you know about your fictional character.
  5. Using both what you know about your fictional character and the arguments from the documents you read earlier develop your argument for the board meeting. You may use the space below to outline your argument.


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