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Articles and Speeches

Gail Reimer

Dr. Gail Twersky Reimer is the Founding Director of the Jewish Women's Archive

"The Jewish Women's Archive—Rethinking the Archive of the 21st Century" [download PDF]
Veröffentlichungen der Archivschule Marburg, Institut für Archivwissenschaft, Nr. 45, presented at Jüdisches Archivwesen, zugleich 10. Archihvwissenschaftliches Kolloquium der Archivschule, Marburg, 13-15 September, 2005

Remarks from Gail Twersky Reimer, Executive Director
for "Inspirations: A Tribute to our Founders" The Jewish Women's Archive's 10th Birthday Celebration in Boston, May 3, 2006

Judith Rosenbaum

Dr. Judith Rosenbaum is Director of Public History at the Jewish Women's Archive

"American Jewish Experience as Authentic as Israel's or Europe's"
JTA Focus Story, September 27, 2004
by Judith Rosenbaum
"Girls develop a broader range of dreams and ambitions when they learn about the perseverance of Nobel Prize-winning scientist Gertrude Elion, who pursued her interest in science even when employers told her she would be a "distracting influence" in the laboratory, or about the limitless energy of Olympic Gold medalist Bobbie Rosenfeld, who went directly from her first track victory in the Canadian National Exhibition in 1923 to playing in-and winning-her softball teams' championship game."

Karla Goldman

Dr. Karla Goldman is the Sol Drachler Professor of Jewish Communal Leadership at the University of Michigan. She served as historian in residence at the Jewish Women's Archive from 2000 to 2008 and is the author of Beyond the Synagogue Gallery: Finding a Place for Women in American Judaism (Harvard University Press, 2000).

"Jewish Lenses on Katrina," the Journal of Southern Religion, After the Storm: A Special Issue on Hurricane Katrina, Dec 2009.

"Celebrating Women's History: One Month at a Time
The Forward, March 3, 2006
"Each March, 'Women's History Month' is officially celebrated, offering a relatively random opportunity to focus for a short period of time on a historical experience that remains largely invisible in mainstream histories. Arbitrary as the celebration may be, those who take full advantage of a commemorative month like this often learn how central these supposedly marginalized histories have been to the development of our nation and our communities."

"The Jewish Women's Archive: Portal to a Richer American Jewish Past" [PDF of full issue]
AJS Perspectives, The Newsletter of the Association for Jewish Studies, Fall/Winter 2004
"The current commemoration challenges educators to convey the complexity and richness of Jewish experience in North America. JWA offers faculty flexible, accessible, and compelling resources with which to meet this challenge as we seek to do justice to the advances of current scholarship and the historical and contemporary diversity of American Jewish life."

"Jewish Women's Realities and Expectations: An Historical Approach"
Sh'ma, October 2004
by Karla Goldman
"...the democratizing impact of changing women's roles have defined American community almost from its earliest establishment. In fact, numerous expansions of Jewish communal scope and involvement have grown from instances when women stepped into arenas of Jewish life from which they had been excluded."

"The Way We Were, The Way We Are"
The Forward, September 10, 2004
Karla Goldman
"Any meaningful commemoration will have to do more than just celebrate; it must offer opportunities to address the complexities of both past and present."

"Choosing a Place, a Yom Kippur sermon, 2000.

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