A Letter from Molly Picon to her Mother from Paris, August 23, Part 1 of 3

A letter from Molly Picon to her mother from Paris, dated August 23.

Part 2 and part 3.
The text of the letter reads as follows:
August 23 -46
Paris -

Dear Mumsy-
To-day we got half a dozen letters from home and your last letter saying you were glad we weren't going to Poland and we just returned from there! We wrote you we weren't going so you wouldn't worry because we know the papers have been writing about anti semitic riots and murders there - but we felt, Yonkel and I, that our real job was just in Poland, especially after the terrible pogrom in Kelz - We felt we would have been deserters not to go where our people needed us most. So we went mamma and to tell you what our coming meant to those people would need a year - we were in Poland 21 days - had 19 appearances and every minute was thrilling -

We worked very hard - living conditions are beyond description - we didn't have a bath in three weeks - we slept on a collection of mattresses that defy defining - we traveled in open trucks after a show - all perspired and hot with the rain pouring down on us - we sung in barracks...
Courtesy of the American Jewish Historical Society.

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