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"Emma Goldman Enthusiastic Agitator of Birth Control" from The "Los Angeles Record"

"Emma Goldman Enthusiastic Agitator of Birth Control" from The "Los Angeles Record"

"Emma Goldman Enthusiastic Agitator of Birth Control" from The Los Angeles Record, published June 1, 1916.

Los Angeles Record
Date published

Emma Goldman, national lecturer, student, anarchist, free-thinker, is in Los Angeles to tell women the secrets of birth control!
"No woman under 25 should be a mother," she states.
"Every woman should have the right to say whether she shall have a child or not. Motherhood should be a voluntary act; not the act of a slave.
"My subject tonight at Burbank hall will be 'The Right of a Child Not to Be Born.' The world is not ready for the child. The housing systems, the schools, society: not any of these are really ready. It is time to consider, therefore, whether it isn't more humane to give the child the right not to be born.
"Humanity is not continued in this world by quantity, but by quality. It is far better to have a few well-born children than many mutilated in mind and body as they often are now.
"The birth control issue is a tremendous one. Since the birth control campaign started Feb. 11, there have been 15,000 applications for information on the subject in New York alone.
"A short time ago the birth control committee, of which I am chairman, held a mammoth demonstration in Union park. Ten thousand people attended. Methods were discussed and pamphlets given out.
"For two weeks not a word was said by the authorities. Then, suddenly, warrants were issued for a number of those who took part at that meeting. A warrant is out for me, I understand, because I was one of the speakers. We expect to get the cases deferred till fall, however, and then there will be a great campaign.
"Rose Pastor Stokes, wife of the millionaire, has been actively interested in this work. She has been violating both state and federal laws. But she has not been touched by the authorities. In the fall she expects to become so active that the district attorney will have to arrest her. She is doing this in the interest of the cause and women.
"The birth control committee is well organized in New York. A great many influential, wealthy women and organizations are behind it. We have organized 100 women who will distribute pamphlets on methods of birth control. As fast as one is arrested another will start. We are going to get that old, obsolete law repealed.
"We are going to open distributing bureaus and place a doctor and nurse in charge of each one to teach the people how to use the methods we suggest. There will not be any commercial consideration. As soon as the police close one bureau we shall open another.
"The Academy of Medicine in New York came out very strongly in favor of birth control.
"The birth control committee is not the same as the Birth Control league, though both are working for the same purpose and in harmony. Margaret Sanger is connected with the league.
"July 2, at Burbank hall, I shall speak on 'Enforced Motherhood,' and at that time will give methods for birth control.
"I know this subject is popular, for whenever birth control is announced, the hall is never big enough to seat the audience."

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