Q&A with Anita Diamant

The front cover of Anita Diamant's The Boston Girl (Scribner, 2015).

Welcome to the JWA Book Club! We are excited to gather today to discuss Anita Diamant's new novel, The Boston Girl.

When taking part in our comment-based discussion below, remember to hit "Show Reply" and "Show New Comments" to see the full conversation! Anita Diamant will be responding to questions mainly through the "reply" feature.

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so I just hit "reply" and does everyone see it or do you edit?

In reply to by Anita Diamant

everyone sees it! :)

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I am on...

In reply to by Virginia A. Spatz

You raise some really interesting questions Virginia. The tension between striking and not, or between paying your workers crap wages and going out of business because your competitors were undercutting you was very real, and there are not many stories about people from this time period who were wrestling with these issues in a deep way.

As an educator I love to imagine how the story would have been different if someone else had told it. Thanks for raising these questions!

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