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Women should be seen AND heard in Israel

Extremist Ulta-Orthodox groups in Israel are trying to erase images of women from public space. These fundamentalists believe that images of women are a threat to tzniut, or "modesty." They are of the same ilk as those who photoshopped Hillary Clinton out of the Situation Room, but in Israel, they have much more power. Recently, advertisers in Israel have been bowing to pressure from these groups to stop using images of women on posters and billboards in Jerusalem.

The New Israel Fund (NIF) is launching a series of initiatives to address the issue and make sure women are not erased from the public eye. One initiative is to collect photos of women holding this sign (Hebrew version) and hang the photos in Jerusalem to demonstrate just how many people believe women should be seen and heard.

We at JWA, surrounded by portraits and posters of trailblazing Jewish women, support their effort.

JWA staff


Add your photo to the campaign. Visit the NIF website, download the sign, and email your photo to NIF.

It's hard to believe that in 2011 women still need to fight for the right to be seen and heard. Don't let this injustice go on.

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I believe that no matter what is your gender, your age, your color of skin, your race and your historical background, you have the right to be heard. And I agree with the author, In year 2011, women should not be fighting for their rights to be heard anymore. Because they have the rights since birth and that will never changed.

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These comments from an ultra-orthodox website, Rabbi Yakov Horowitz: - 'Kanoim' Are Rodfim And Abusing Our Community get it. He also makes the connection between child abuse and what some Israeli ultra-orthodox are doing, and puts it better than I can.

As a Jewess with attitude myself, and the communications director of the New Israel Fund, thanks so much for your words and that wonderful photo!

Naomi Paiss

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