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Some #jwapedia favorites

Last month we celebrated Jewish American Heritage Month with #jwapedia, a campaign to tweet JWA's Encyclopedia. Throughout May, a group of Twitter users including organizations, clergy, lay leaders, social media professionals, and friends of JWA, tweeted over 200 articles from Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia.

Part of the challenge was choosing which stories you found important or personally relevant, and tweeting them in a way that would interest others. Earlier, we shared some tweets from the campain. I want to share another round of tweets. These are some of our favorites:

The greatest algebraist of the last century? Emmy Noether, "mother of 20th cent math" #jwapedia

Living in Mexico Mariana Yampolsky used art to oppose injustice Happy #cincodemayo #jwapedia

#jwapedia Joan Micklin Silver filmmaker/director/pathbreaker: made Hester St. & Crossing Delancey and independent film history

Blume Lempel “Her prose always burrowed into the depths of the soul." #jwapedia

Lots of attention to Civil War on 150th anniversary of conflict. Read about Jewish women’s role at #jwapedia

I learned my bread-kneading technique in high school ceramics. Would have loved to meet Gertrud Amon Natzler! #jwapedia

The havurah movement is intertwined in Jewish Feminism in the US! #jwapedia

Have to start my #jwapedia sharing w/ my heroine, Rabbi Amy Eilberg. She's the reason I'm a rabbi.

I know her career spanned decades, but to me Wendy Wasserstein defined what women could be in the '80s #jwapedia

Theologian Rachel Adler once compared being a Jewish woman to being Alice at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. #jwapedia

Opera legend Beverly Sills moved to Boston to escape the antisemitism of Cleveland's upper-crust  #jwapedia

Fighting for rights for children, workers, immigrants, and others... we could use another Pauline Newman today #jwapedia

My first camp director, songleader, torah teacher--my original Miriam, Hadassah Blocker. #JWAPEDIA

Article on the Killer-Wife in Jewish Law & Lore in #jwapedia? Fear of women’s power takes many forms.

What the queer Jewish girls were doing in 1000 BCE. #jwapedia

Song about her on "Half You Half Me," from "Girls in Trouble;" there's more to know about Serah bat Asher #jwapedia

Susan Sontag's Illness as Metaphor is the most brilliant thing I've read as a Health Communication student #jwapedia

A hard working mom, who is the daughter of a hard working mom. Goldie Hawn has always made me smile. #jwapedia

Not just a cookbook author: Jennie Grossinger was a hotel entrepreneur (and philanthropist) too! #JWApedia 

Complete American Jewess online gives window into world of Jewish women, late 1800s. Fascinating stuff! #jwapedia

Big Hats and bigger opinions, Bella Abzug knew “This woman’s place is in the House—the House of Representatives.” #jwapedia

Anzia Yezierska wrote of the ambivalence and conflicts of the immigrant exp. from a distinctly feminist POV. #jwapedia

One of my all time favorite Jewish women: Ethel Rosenberg | @jwaonline #jwapedia 1st learn abt Ethel @brandeisu

Montreal's a Yiddish culture hub because of Ida Maze, a "communitarian-proletarian" Yiddish writer #jwapedia

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Hashtag launched for a campaign to tweet JWA's Encyclopedia of Jewish women's history.
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