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Snazzy, new features "On the Map!"

Have you visited Jewish Women On the Map recently?

Since its launch this March, JWA's map of Jewish women's history has steadily grown to include landmarks in 30 states, six Canadian provinces, and seven countries. The site maps the stories of a number of American Jewish women, recognized and unheralded, famous and unknown. They have been added by historians, Jewish and women's organizations, and friends and family.

This week, we celebrate the addition of a couple new features that really make the site a pleasure to view and explore. These changes -- a zooming feature and map insets on individual entry pages -- are small, but they make a huge difference. The zoom and insets are demonstrated in the short video below.

Head on over to Jewish Women On the Map to explore the new features for yourself. And while you're there, why not add a landmark to the map? 

Are there any significant memorials or monuments to Jewish women in your community? What about the meeting place of a local Jewish women's group? Think about the women in or from your community who have made a difference in the world. Using their homes, workplaces, or different significant locations as a landmark, put their stories On the Map.

If you need help getting started, watch the quick tutorial video below. Feel free to contact us at JWA if you have questions!


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