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Purim, feminism, and my kids

What’s not to love about Purim? Another success story for our people: plan to kill us, foiled! Bring on the food!

esther vashti and haman 300x200 Minnesota Mamaleh: Purim, Feminism and My KidsQueen Esther, Queen Vashti and an oh-so-very scary Haman

But this one’s different. This time instead of a Judah Maccabee saving the day, we have an Esther. Every little girl can relate to a princess (or a queen) and that’s what I’m banking on this year.

I started off the week asking the girls what they know and remember about Purim. Chloe’s three-year-old details were a bit fuzzy, except for the carnival. That she had down pat. Kayli’s five-year-old version was precise beyond belief. She knew about the good, the bad and the ugly. Well done, pre-school teachers. Well done.

So I pulled out the Purim puppets and we started playing. Kids need to play to learn. Play alone, play with friends and play with us. In this case, the conversation that resulted from our play was absolutely priceless.

We told the story of Purim many, many times. My  favorite version was Chloe’s:

vashti says no way 200x300 Minnesota Mamaleh: Purim, Feminism and My Kids

King Achashverosh wanted to embarrass Queen Vashti in front of all of their friends. Vashti said, "No way buddy!" And she was "outta' there!"

Read the rest of the story at TC Jewfolk.

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