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Political Jewess: Oldies but Goodies

We are at T minus four days to the election, and one of our favorite past times at JWA is looking to the past to inform the future...

So on that note, I ask:

Where were we four years ago? One year ago? Fifty one years ago?

We hope you'll enjoy these links-- some oldies, definitely goodies, as we rev up to November 6th.

From 2008, here's Judith Rosenbaum's short and sweet appeal to remember to enter the voting booth, that special holy of holies, with equal parts determination and levity.

And back for a second round is Judith Rosenbaum's piece, also from 2008, titled "Feminism and Schlemiels." Now that's a title!

Kate Bigam, this time last year, highlighted Jewess political representation. Note how far we've come and what has changed...

This Week In History, Women Strike for... PEACE?  Absolutely. Read about an effort that occured over five decades ago that was 50,000 strong. And then read how the echoes of that activism surfaced for Judith Rosenbaum just a few days before the 2008 election.

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This looks visceral, disturbing, powerful.
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Oh good, another way in which women's autonomy & reproductive rights are being eroded.