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Meet our guestblogger Dina Lamdany

Hi, I’m Dina Lamdany, usually found at from the rib? with Shira, another guestblogger here. I’ve only been a part of the Jewesses with Attitude community for a short while, but I’m so glad to be one of the newest guestbloggers here.

I’m a junior at a Jewish day school in Washington DC, and have attended Jewish school since I started my schooling in kindergarten. My writing and opinions on Judaism have been undoubtedly shaped by the traditions I have been taught in school, both inside and outside of the classroom, from formal Torah study to organizing celebrations of the Jewish holidays to using my teachers as resources for books on Jewish feminism. As my involvement in Judaism and the Jewish community has gone up and down over the years, I’ve been lucky to have my school as somewhat of a constant in my Jewish life.

While I had my Bat-Mitzvah at a Conservative synagogue, my family, still egalitarian, now attends an Orthodox synagogue, but I do not feel tied to either denomination. However, I feel strongly Jewish, and believe that to be enough, at least for me.

My blogging career started somewhat by chance---I’d call myself a victim of circumstance. I started reading feminist blogs last summer after an internship at NARAL, but had not really thought about using feminism as a lens through which to look at Judaism until I was introduced to Shira and from the rib? through a mutual friend. Since then, I’ve grown to love blogging, not just for the interactive community it creates, but also because it has forced me to look critically at Judaism and to question aspects of Judaism that I had always simply accepted: I believe that I’ve become more of a thinking Jew. At the same time, blogging has also made me realize how attached I am to and how much I value tradition in Judaism. The nuances in my beliefs and writing come from the fact that many times, what I believe in theory comes into direct contradiction with what I’m comfortable with in practice. Luckily, I don’t believe that I’m the only one with this problem, as the Jewish world is still struggling today to balance tradition with the evolving world.

I think the best part of sites like Jewesses with Attitude is the connections they create between different people and ideas. Blogging has both forced and enabled me to read and discover a multitude of other websites that I now read on a daily basis. I have become aware of and interested in subjects that I had never thought of as having anything to do with my modern life, from the ordination of women as rabbis todepiction of women as the “Other” throughout Jewish tradition. I am not only excited, but grateful, to be a part of this interconnected world, as it has shaped me into a more involved feminist and Jew.

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