#JWAmegaphone: Voices of Power and Protest

Bella Abzug at a Women Strike for Peace Protest.

Courtesy of Dorothy Marder.

At JWA, we believe that history is not only about the past; it is about the present. The events of the past year have made us more keenly aware than ever that we’re living through history in the making. And not just witnessing it—we are part of it, makers of history with each action we take. Taken together, those actions tell a story—a story about how people protest, honor, and remember; how we struggle, dream, and make change.

In January, we launched #JWAmegaphone: Voices of Power and Protest to document the Women’s March and the living history we are creating together in this moment. Several months later, the need for activism and the impulse to engage are no less urgent.

JWA is documenting and sharing these stories, with your help through #JWAmegaphone. We invite you to share your stories and experiences with us. We will offer prompts to spark your storytelling, and encourage you to upload text, audio, or images to our site in response. You may also share on social media, using the hashtag #JWAmegaphone. Some starting prompts for your reflection:

  • What story will you tell about this moment?
  • What gives you hope and what makes you afraid?
  • Who are you inspired by?
  • Today, what does being an American Jew mean to you?

Add your voice and your stories to #JWAmegaphone! Some of the most powerful historical records from previous generations are the letters written home about the experiences that shaped those generations—travels, wars, social justice movements. Through #JWAmegaphone, we hope to capture some of the insight and intimacy of that lost form. Thank you for making history with us.

This post was published, in its original form, on January 12, 2017.

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