A JWA Scavenger Hunt

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As we move indoors to ensure public safety, all of us (especially those with kids) are looking for worthwhile distractions and innovative learning solutions. Participate in JWA's virtual scavenger hunt, and explore the stories of inspiring Jewish women on jwa.org. Use the search feature at the top right corner of the website to discover the women named in the clues below. Along the way, you may stumble upon other JWA resources that teach and entertain at the same time!

Download a printable worksheet containing the clues and our answer key.

1. Who is the "Mother of Women’s Basketball"? (Hint: She officiated the first women’s basketball game on March 22, 1893.)

2. This astronomer discovered that the universe is mostly made of dark matter. 

3. Which record-breaking, multi-sport athlete worked in a chocolate factory and was later named Canada’s Female Athlete of the Half-Century in 1950? 

4. This Australian Jewish woman invented waterproof mascara, sunless tanner, and lip-shaped lipstick. 

5. On August 10, 1993, this Jewish woman was appointed to the US Supreme Court and has since become “notorious” (She’s even featured on one of JWA’s t-shirts!). 

6. Which Jewish businesswoman and entrepreneur started a doll company and became known as the “Queen of Dolls”? 

7. This Mexican artist is known for eyebrows and her striking self-portraits. She is referred to as La Mexicana and has also become an inspirational figure for people with disabilities. Her father was a German Jewish immigrant and her mother was a Mexican Catholic. 

8. A Hollywood star from a young age, she also starred in a sitcom called Blossom from 1990–

1995. You might recognize her today on The Big Bang Theory

9. Did you know it used to be controversial for women to ride bicycles? This Jewish woman helped change that, becoming the first female cyclist to circle the globe in 1895, thanks to a bet. 

10. She is one of the most famous photographers alive today, giving us a glimpse into the lives and personalities of rock stars, politicians, actors, and other celebrities. 

11. She was a pioneering Jewish woman in comedy whose signature tagline—“Can we talk?”—gave JWA’s podcast its name. 

12. The first woman in America to host a nightly national news broadcast, her voice has become the sound of NPR. 

13. The following words from her sonnet—Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free—appear on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty and contributed to the vision of America as a nation of immigrants. 

14. This Jewish woman was arrested for picketing the White House in 1917 as part of the battle for women’s right to vote. 

15. Who organized the biggest New York rent strike ever when she was just sixteen years old? 

16. Which Egyptian-born chef has been a foreign food correspondent, hosted a BBC TV series, published many articles in magazines such as Gourmet, Food and Wine, and Bon Appetit, and created the first cookbook to balance Ashkenazi and Sephardic recipes? 

17. This journalist and author wrote the screenplays for When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, and Julie & Julia, among others. 

18. Who is the author of the All-of-A-Kind Family book series, featuring the endearing Jewish sisters Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, and Gertie?

Answer Key

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I wish I knew more of the answers. Love, Grandma

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