Jewish Book Carnival: November 2011

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This month, the folks at the Jewish Women's Archive and its blog Jewesses with Attitude are honored to host the November Jewish Book Carnival. Check out the links below for recent book reviews and author interviews from the Jewish community.

  • Kathe Pinchuck of the Association of Jewish Libraries keeps track of books she reads by their Dewey Decimal numbers. In “My Dewey Month,” she recaps a month’s reading, from parenting (649.1) to Judaism (296.41) to cooking (641).

  • At Jewish Muse, Linda K. Wertheimer interviews Linda Cohen, author of 1000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire, and Change Your Life. After her father’s death, Cohen spent more than two years performing acts of goodness — both small and profound — as a tribute. Along the way, she found a way to heal from the loss.

  • You can find a second interview with Linda Cohen about 1,000 Mitzvahs over at by Carly Machlis, a frequent contributor to the site.

  • Over on My Machberet, Erika Dreifus reports on a recent event in New York City featuring the author and subject of Lily Renée, Escape Artist: From Holocaust Survivor to Comic Book Pioneer.

  • Guest blogging for the Jewish Book Council, Tom Fields-Meyer writes about Autism and G-d. Fields-Meyer is the author of Following Ezra, a memoir about learning from his autistic son.

  • Dan Brosgol reviews Aharon Appelfeld’s new novel, Until the Dawn’s Light at Set in 1912 Austria, Brosgol calls the story “an assimilationist’s nightmare.”

  • Some people argue that cookbooks are outdated since we can find any recipe we need online. Katherine Romanow, food blogger for Jewesses with Attitude, doesn’t think so. Reviewing Hadassah’s Everyday Cookbook by Leah Koenig, Romanow argues that this cookbook is worth buying.

  • On the Book of Life blog, Heidi Estrin interviews Ruchel Louis. Her memoir, Pulani, illustrates what life was like for a Jewish woman growing up in Apartheid South Africa. This is an audio interview, so turn up the volume!

  • On, The folks at Me’ah are spreading the word about the Jewish Annotated New Testament, co-edited by long-time Me’ah instructor Marc Brettler of Brandeis University, and New Testament scholar Amy-Jill Levine of Vanderbilt University. The Jewish Annotated New Testament presents a Jewish scholarly take on the New Testament books and thirty essays on issues concerning Judaism and Christianity.

  • At the Jewish Journal, Jonathan Kirsch interviews Gilad Sharon on the occasion of the publication of his biography of his father, Ariel Sharon.

  • JWA's Etta King reviews Today I Am a Woman: Stories of Bat Mitzvah Around the World at Jewesses with Attitude.

We also have some links for children's literature:

  • At, JFS Adoption Choices shares some must-read story books that help toddlers understand adoption.

  • Children’s book author Sylvia Rouss shares her thoughts about celebrating Thanksgiving in the preschool classroom with ways to approach the holiday from a Jewish perspective and advice from Maxine Segal Handelman’s Jewish Every Day.

  • Kathy Bloomfield at Forwordsbooks continues her focus on the Eilu D'Varim prayer. This month to support the value of Arriving Early for Study/Hashkamat beit hamidrash, Forwordsbooks explores children's books that feature the importance of education and learning.

  • Kathy Bloomfield, writing for the CJP Families with Young Children Initiative at, shares a handful of children’s titles that teach "acts of loving kindness" along with discussion questions for you to explore with your kids.

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What a great resource. Thanks so much for gathering all this for us. Now if only I had the time to delve into each one of them.

Thanks for putting this all together, Leah. You did a great job.

Hi, Leah, Thanks for hosting this month's Jewish Book Carnival. I appreciate the inclusion of children's literature posts, too. My pre-schooler is a huge fan of Sylvia Rouss books.

All the best, Linda (aka Jewish Muse blogger)

Looking forward to some interesting reading.

Thanks for including in the post!

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