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Jewesses with Attitude

Which "Jewesses with Attitude" would you support for President?

With the final presidential debate behind us, and the election fast approaching, many of us have begun to imagine how the world will change come November 5th. If you’re feeling too bombarded with Obama/McCain/Palin-saturated news feeds, we invite you to consider a different possibility: a Jewish woman as your president and vice-president.

Jewish women have a rich history in activism and politics but, as we know, none have ever made it to the oval office. So, in an imaginary world, a world where change is as bold and risky as we dream it, which Jewesses with attitude would you want in charge? Cast your votes, and come election day, we’ll post the results!

Note: be sure to read the descriptions of the candidates and their parties and take a look at the current standings before you cast your vote. [Update: Poll now closed. Results are here.]

Fiery Women's Party

Toward a radical new social order

Emma Goldman - free-thinking anarchist and believer in absolute freedom

Ernestine Rose - individualist and women's rights activist


Health and Humanity Party

Daring to dream, and dreaming big

Henrietta Szold - leader, organizer, and educator committed to the Zionist dream

Barbara Seaman - pioneer in the women's health movement


Ethical Justice Party

Caring with justice, fighting with equity

Justine Wise Polier - outspoken activist and first woman Justice of New York

Gertrude Weil - committed suffragist and civil rights activist


Activist Art Party

Soft-speaking tough souls

Grace Paley - writer and activist

Wendy Wasserstein - playwright


Business and Education Party

Believing in people's dreams

Annie Nathan Meyer- writer, anti-suffragist, and founder of Barnard College

Beatrice Alexander - entrepreneur doll-maker and Republican party enthusiast

Jewess for President Poll Results
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Jewess for President Poll Results

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