Blogging the Institute: What's going on here?

If this is your first visit to Jewesses with Attitude this week, you may have noticed some unusual content. This week we are blogging JWA's 2010 Summer Institute for Educators, a four-day conference for educators to explore ways of incorporating Jewish women’s history into their curricula with a particular focus on Living the Legacy, JWA's upcoming online curriculum about Jews in the civil rights movement. We're 2 full days into the conference, and I can honestly say that my mind has been blown.

We have been live-tweeting the Institute using the hashtag #jwaI4E, so you can follow the conversation there. The tweets below are from yesterday afternoon, when participants observed oral historian Jayne Guberman interview Freedom Rider Judy Frieze Wright, a real-life civil rights hero featured in JWA's Women Who Dared exhibit.

We have also been sharing photos from the Institute on Flickr. Below are some photos from yesterday's introduction to oral history, in which participants role-played bad interview techniques.

In addition, we have been sharing "lunchtime reflection" videos like the one below each day on the blog. Check out Monday's and Tuesday's to see what Institute participants think about the day's sessions. These videos are also available on our Youtube channel.

A couple of the participants have been blogging the Institute themselves. Visit MuseforJews to see updates from Debbie Harris, an education technology professional, and Noah Zaves' blog. Noah Zaves, a Jewish educator in the Bay Area, recently wrote an excellent post about Jewish feminism in education that sprung from an impromtu discussion during a break.

Stay tuned today and tomorrow for more tweets, photos, videos and blog posts from the Institute. On the menu for today: a talk by Rabbi Jill Jacobs (featured in the Sisterhood's Top 50 Woman Rabbis list) called "What's Jewish about Justice?" and a presentation from master educator and JWA Board member Barbara Rosenblit (creator of the AdDRESSING Women's Lives program) about using oral history in the classroom.

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I'm loving reading about JWA's Institute in real time -- thank you for letting us experience it through the voices of the participants! Great to read about it on Noah's blog, too -- his posts are really thoughtful.

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