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Jewesses with Attitude

Inspiration for the New Year from #jwapedia

Last week, JWA asked: Who do you choose to inspire and guide you, your community, and the world, this New Year?

Here's a roundup of your answers in no particular order.

  • @itsdlevy: One source of inspiration to me is Fanny Brice who was hysterical without being angry or mean.

  • @AmelahG: Inspired by Deborah the Prophetess, Mother of Israel as I prepare for 5772.

  • @ettaqueen: Jessica Feingold inspires me 2 learn more about other religions & get better at multitasking this year.

  • @leahbee: I'm inspired by the legacy of Jewish women involved in feminist health activism & reform.

  • @mandeljewished: Her brothers (Singer) were better known, but Esther Kreitman had a distinct voice & feminist message.

  • @thewanderingjew: Inspiring a community: bringin butch, suit, chic to the world of architecture, Phyllis Lambert.

  • @chaneldubofsky: Lucy Fox Robins Lang, feminist politics embodied to guide me (and us all) into the New Year.

  • @PEJEjds: Cynthia Ozick is STILL a writer par excellence.

  • @NCJWNY: Our inspiration & founder: Hannah G. Solomon. Let's hear it 4 #women who have "the whole wide world w/o limit."

  • @bibliofeminista: For inspiration, we often turn to Gloria Steinem, who exemplifies Second Wave American Feminism.

  • @thewanderingjew: Inspiring the world: "To see things plain and still to care" - Mindel Cherniack Sheps.

  • @GesherCityBos: We're inspired by Henrietta Szold cc: @HadassahOrg

  • @chaneldubofsky: Oh, oh, Annie Leibovitz. I wish for all of us this year the gift of your fearlessness.

  • @lilithmagazine: We're inspired by our founder and editor-in-chief Susan Weidman Schneider.

  • @todaywomenshist: Another woman who inspires us: Gertrude Stein, American modernist writer, artistic iconoclast.

  • @jahr: Grace Paley inspires me to see the poetry in everyday life & to commit to local politics.

  • @thewanderingjew: Yudica's poetry, an inspiration for everyone, then and now (in these times of economic disaster)

  • @NoahZaves: I'm inspired and guided by Judith Kaplan (Eisenstein). She upended the status quo with the first Bat Mitzvah!

  • @chaneldubofsky: Hortense Powdermaker! Reminding me to be mindful of my multiple identities.

  • @chaneldubofsky: 'the struggle b/w patriarchy & feminism'- Women of the Wall inspires me to keep fighting forward.

  • @chaneldubofsky: Rosika Schwimmer: Pacifist, feminist. So rad, I don't even know what to do, She inspires me all yr.

  • @thewanderingjew: Canadian Jewry started with a cross-dressing rebel. That chutzpadik spirit can inspire any community!

  • @ettaqueen: Inspired to be more musical this year! MT @jtaarchive: Happy Birthday Cass Elliot, z"L.

  • @jwaonline: We choose Judy Feld Carr, who rescued more than 3500 Syrian Jews between 1975 and 2000, to inspire the world this year.

  • @rabbiruth: I'm inspired by Lina Morgestern 19c philathropist, activist & author. Used #jewish values 2 change world.

  • @julieannsilver: Gilda Radner, my favorite funny lady, left the party far too early. 

  • @suemacy1: I'm inspired by my friend Tiby Eisen, female baseball pioneer.

  • @todaywomenshist: For inspiration, we often turn to Gloria Steinem, who exemplifies Second Wave American Feminism.

  • @jwaonline: We're inspired by Gerda Lerner (she established field of Women's Hist) to ensure women's stories are taught.

  • @chaneldubofsky: i'm thinking about you a lot today, Ethel Rosenberg. Radical & uncompromising.

  • @thewanderingjew: Inspiring communities: Mattie Rotenberg got an education, then opened Jewish dayschools.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this round of #jwapedia. And Shana Tova from all of us at the Jewish Women's Archive. We wish you a sweet new year filled with discovery.

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