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Highlights from #jwapedia

Today begins our last week of #jwapedia, our Twitter experiment to "tweet the Encyclopedia." So far, around 20 participants have tweeted more than 170 different Encyclopedia articles. Here are some highlights from the campaign. To see even more tweets, follow #jwapedia on Twitter


  • @itsdlevy: Dorothy Fields was the only woman included in the first cohort of the Songwriters' Hall of Fame. #jwapedia
  • @ArchivesAmerArt: Helen Frankenthaler was praised by critic Clement Greenberg for her paintings and perhaps her sandcastles too #jwapedia
  • @bechollashon: Living in Mexico Mariana Yampolsky used art to oppose injustice Happy #cincodemayo #jwapedia
  • @ArchivesNext: Anybody interested in #art should know about Peggy Guggenheim I know you do @ArchivesAmerArt #jwapedia
  • @itsdlevy: And then there's Maude. Dorothy. Vera. Lucy Brown. Yenta. Every role Bea Arthur played was iconic: #jwapedia
  • @leahbee: Shari Lewis: The woman responsible for Lambchop - oh, and the Song that Never Ends! #jwapedia #stuckinyourheadnow
  • @jahr: California dreaming & remembering Jewess & “Earth Mother of Hippiedom” Mama Cass Elliot #jwapedia
  • @lizpw: A hard working mom, who is the daughter of a hard working mom. Goldie Hawn has always made me smile. #jwapedia


  • @lizpw: She gave a voice to girls everywhere. We had her books, she knew our secrets. Learn more about @JudyBlume #jwapedia
  • @thewanderingjew: The woman behind Indigo books, Heather Reisman's marriage/divorce was as controversial as her business #jwapedia -
  • @chaneldubofsky: Blume Lempel “Her prose always burrowed into the depths of the soul." @jwaonline #jwapedia 
  • @Jewschool_com: Her father was atheist & she went to Socialist Sunday School; but T. Olsen attributed her values to yidishkayt. #jwapedia
  • @jwaonline: “Does she... or doesn’t she?” Advertising copywriter Shirley Polykoff credited w creating hair dye industry #jwapedia

The Sciences:

  • @RabbiRuth: Fought Nazism & sexism becoming award winning physicist. Trude Goldhaber needed 2 know how world worked #jwapedia
  • @adavidow: Olga Taussky-Todd, self-described "torchbearer for matrix theory" from Austro-Hungary 2 Cal Institute of Tech #jwapedia
  • @jahr: Gerty Cori & her husband Carl were partners in life, lab, & Nobel Prize #jwapedia
  • @jewschool_com: Recently noted XKCD "not Marie Curie" She discovered nuclear fission - not recognized for it: Lise Meitner #jwapedia
  • @thewanderingjew: Mattie Rotenberg, the first woman and the first Jew to be granted doctorate in physics from UofT #jwapedia -
  • @ettaqueen: Dame Miriam Rothschild "was a world authority on fleas" and pioneer of the #organic mvmnt! ROLE MODEL! #jwapedia #insects

Politics and Activism:

  • @RabbiRuth: Big Hats and bigger opinions, she knew “This woman’s place is in the House—the House of Representatives.” #jwapedia
  • @jahr: Coauthor of Our Bodies Ourselves, Esther Rome fought for info on safety of tampons & silicone breast implants #jwapedia
  • @jwaonline: Turns out Gloria Steinem’s grandmother, Pauline Perlmutter Steinem, was also a feminist activist! #jwapedia
  • @chaneldubofsky: Ray Karchmer Daily: Rabble rouser- 40 years of working for progressive social programs in Texas. @jwaonline
  • @jahr: “Cinderella of Sweatshops” Rose Pastor Stokes married up but her radicalism outlived her marriage #jwapedia

Jewish leaders:

  • @ilanagarber: Have to start my #jwapedia sharing w/ my heroine, Rabbi Amy Eilberg. She's the reason I'm a rabbi.
  • @julieannsilver: My first camp director, songleader, torah teacher--my original Miriam, Hadassah Blocker. #JWAPEDIA
  • @rabbigurevitz: The first woman to be ordained a Rabbi? No, not 1972 but 1935 - in Germany! Learn about Rabbi Regina Jonas #jwapedia


  • @jwa_pxdash: A 2-sport athlete, Thelma Eisen played pro football and starred for 9 yrs in the pro women's baseball league. #jwapedia 
  • @archivesnext: Possibly the world’s greatest female table tennis player in history, Angelica Adelstein part of #jwapedia#archives
  • @thewanderingjew: Fanny "Bobbie" Rosenfeld was named Canada's woman athlete of the first half-century in 1950. #jwapedia
  • @jwaonline: Jews on Ice! Lily Kronberger, world champion figure skater, first to skate whole program with music

Thematic articles:

  • @KeshetGLBTJews:  What the queer Jewish girls were doing in 1000 BCE. #jwapedia
  • @ekrothman: Lots of attention to Civil War on 150th anniversary of conflict. Read about Jewish women’s role at #jwapedia

This sample gives just a taste of the diversity of women included in the Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia. It also reveals some holes, perhaps regarding LGBT women and women of color.

For those of you following the campaign, what have been your favorite tweets? Who have you discovered through this project? And what do you think about introducing an Encyclopedia article in 140 characters or less?

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