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Jewish Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot, may pull through

Via Tablet:

Though we don’t know for sure, it looks like Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, 40, the third-term congresswoman from Arizona who was shot point-blank in the head during a “Congress on Your Corner” event in Tucson this morning, is going to survive. Several of the other victims of the gunman’s subsequent bullet-spraying will not be so lucky. Giffords is Jewish—the first Jewish woman to be elected from Arizona—and is a moderate Democratic representing a conservative district along the Mexico border.  

We do not yet know if the attempt on her life was politically motivated—the single suspect, a 22-year-old white man named Jared Laughner is in police custody.

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A man identified as Judge John Roll and a child were killed in the attack. A number of others were wounded. 

It may be too early to suggest that the attack was motivated by anti-Semitism, however, Jared Laughner lists "Mein Kampf" as one of his favorite books on his Youtube channel. His videos, full of anti-government zealotry and paranoia, are disturbing.

There is also evidence that this attack may be related to the fact that Rep. Giffords was on Sarah Palin's political "hit list."  According to Pam's House Blend blog, Sarah Palin has taken down this page from the SarahPAC website that showed Rep. Giffords and others targeted in Tea Party cross hairs: 


Below is an interview with Rep. Giffords about Sarah Palin's target map.

Our thoughts are with her and the other victims of this tragic attack.

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Gebrielle Giffords's hebrew name is Gabrielle bas Sarah. (Not sure if it is spelled Sara or Sarah).

If you find out Giffords' hebrew name, please post it...Many want to put her in their prayers! Toda Raba, Tovah

I wanted to follow-up and see if anyone has found out Giffords' hebrew name so we can all say a Misheberach. Please post if so! On another note, there is absolutely zero evidence that Sarah Palin's map "targeting" supposedly politically vulnerable candidates and congresspeople had anything to do with the shooting. Last time I checked, the Torah and sages teach instruct us against Lashon Harah.

This was a terrible tragedy about a sick and confused guy and the unfortunate victims of his twisted mind.

It had *nothing* to do with politics or Gifford's voting history or Sarah Palin.

The guy was a nutcase, a 9/11-truther, a reader of Marx and Mein Kampf. His classmates were afraid of him. A ticking timebomb.

A tea Party member? A supporter of Sarah Palin? Please!!

Please take the Palin graphic down. Don't play into the game of converting this horrible event into a political gain for *anyone* - that's what is going on.

Why don't you put up the photo of the 9 year-old girl instead? People should be thinking of the victims now, not about how to 'spin' this into a plus for some political cause.

This is just terrible news!! However pointing fingers at Palin will not bring the dead back and cure the wounded. Instead of putting the blame on someone lets wait and see all the details....

Does anyone know her Hebrew name and her mom's name? I'd like to daven for her.

This tragedy reminds us what Torah teaches--words matter. When hatred is taught there are those who will respond with violence and murder.

My prayers are with her and her family.

Gabrielle Giffords
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Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is the first Jewish woman to be elected from Arizona.

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