Friday Social Media BliNtz (Week 1)

Hillary Clinton delivering her speech at the Manhattan Center Studios, following the New York 2008 primary.
Courtesy of Angela Radulescu/Flickr.

An image of a roasted chicken.

Photo by Rosie 55 via Flickr.

A child blows a shofar in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Photograph by Scott Ableman, courtesy of Flickr.

Welcome to the Friday Social Media BliNtz-- it's like a media blitz, but tastier.

Here, on a virtual silver platter, are some current event noshes you might enjoy.

A Hillary We Can Believe In (The Daily Beast)
Author Andrew Sullivan shares a few choice quotes from "the people" in regards to their changing (evolving?) perceptions of Hillary Clinton. Ask yourself when you read Sullivan's short piece: would we even be having this conversation if she were a man?

Archaeologist and Jewish Ideas Daily contributing writer Alex Joffe presents an annotated slideshow of the history and culture of the shofar. It's short and sweet and there are pictures!

Shiksa's not just in da house... she's in the kitchen! For real. Discover Tori Avey, a convert to Judaism who explores Jewish cuisine from historical, anthropological, and folkloric perspectives on her blog The Shiksa in the Kitchen. Also, you might enjoy Tori's recipe for Honey Herb Roasted Chicken, which comes highly recommended by my colleague, Etta King, JWA's Education Program Manager, who made the dish for this year's Rosh Hashanah. Etta said: "If Jewish culinary tradition is not part of your family tradition, you can still learn about it in an authentic way with food blog's like this-- and that's awesome."

Oh, Sarah Silverman! You either love her, or hate her. Or, you're just simply confused by her. In any event, she is a Jewess with Attitude taking up the gauntlet of voter rights and awareness-- the real meanig of voter fraud. Check out her public service announcement featured today in Gawker. After you finish with that, if you're still smiling and don't need to wash out your ears, read Michelle Cove's Jewesses blog piece, "Sarah Silverman: Straddling Funny and Offensive" and weigh in with your thoughts in the comment field. 

As we navigate these ten days of awe between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, I enjoy reading thoughts on memory and remembering. JOFA-- the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance-- shares a piece by Deborah E. Lipstadt, "Yizkor: Yom Kippur and Remembrance."  In the spirit of this time of reflection you can always visit JWA's feature, We Remember.

Let's raise our blintzes to... the New Year and to learning new things!

In sweetness (with a dash of sass),



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