The Faces of Boston Pride

A young child at the Boston Pride Parade, 2013.

They say there’s nothing like a parade—and they’re right. This weekend I marched in my first ever Pride parade, proudly carrying my JWA bag, a Keshet sign reading “another Jew for LGBTQ equality,” and my camera. The weather called for rain, but I wasn’t about to let that get me down. I packed my raincoat and channeled my inner Barbra, declaring that no one dare rain on my parade.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would the streets be filled with supporters—or with people out to heckle us? Would they be empty? Would I feel at ease putting myself on display? Could I chant, dance, and wave a sign for two (or more) hours?

We gathered under overcast skies, huddled between groups already dancing, passing out swag, and oozing with pride. I felt my trepidation slip away, and caught myself dancing in place. “This is what pride is all about,” I found myself thinking. “This is a parade of pure joy and celebration. It’s as simple as that.”

Of course, it isn’t as simple as that. I know that with the Pride Parade and Festivals come accusations that the celebration is too commercial, that it isn’t inclusive enough, that messages are lost. But this weekend I found myself chanting, waving, and capturing pictures with a heart full of pride. The faces in the crowd were supportive, all cheering. I saw faces of diversity, reflecting an entire city out to support equality. I marched through the streets of Boston declaring my passion for equality, grateful to be a Jewish ally for LGBTQ equality, and proud to be representing JWA as a member of the Queer Community.

See even more pictures of the crowds at the Boston Pride parade on our facebook page.

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