Eighteen Jewish Country Songs

Natalie Portman in Jane Got a Gun, 2015. 

What? Jews can’t be just a little bit country? Country music is the music of the people, and who better than The Chosen People to express their troubles through song? (Besides, they never specified which country.) Here are eighteen heimishe tunes to get your ortho slides a tappin’ and your tush a boppin’. When you’re done reading, go call your mother; she loves you so.

1. “You’re Wearing That?”

2. “Eh? Meh. Feh!”

3. “What Did I Say Now? (She’s so Sensitive)”

4. “You’re Killing Me (AKA The Ungrateful Child Ballad)”

5. “Kiss Your Bubbe Hello”

6. “She Dipped Her Parsley in My Salty Tears” 

7. “Well, If That’s What You Want…”

8. “Where Have All the Debbies Gone? (Gone to Kayleigh's Every One)”

9. “Natalie Portman? Jewish!” 

10. “It’s a Shanda for the Neighbors (But I Just Can’t Stop)”

11. “He’s Been Kvetching in His Sleep”

12. “Do I Feel a Draft?”

13. “Drop Kick Me, Hashem (Through the Goalposts of Chai)”

14. “Who’s Arguing? We’re Just Discussing!”

15. “Medley: Eat a Little Something / A Little Zaftig”

16. “Does That Mean You’re Not Coming?”

17. “When I Said I Wanted Some Tongue for Lunch, That’s Not What I Meant”

18. “You’d Be so Pretty If You Got Your Hair out of Your Face”

BONUS TRACK: “Nah, I’ll Just Pick” 

Topics: Comedy, Music
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