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The "mother-in-lawsuit," God as a woman, and everything you wanted to know about bagels - Link Roundup Sep. 2, 2009

Yesterday I participated in that wonderful September 1st Boston tradition called "Moving Day," where everybody across the city plays a traffic-ridden game of musical apartments.  To make up for my absence, here is a mega link roundup.  Enjoy!

  • Mother in law-suit? A Jewish woman is suing her daughter-in-law, a standup comedian, over her “malicious” mother-in-law routine. No joke!  [Heeb]
  • After a Muslim woman recently made waves in a “burquini,” Elle magazine takes a look at swimsuit scandals throughout history.  [Elle]
  • David K. Israel of Mentalfloss lists the “Top 20 Jewish Comedians of All Time.” Guess how many women he left out?  Tsk, tsk, Mr. Israel.  I’ll meet your Howard Stern and raise you Sophie Tucker or Joan Rivers or any of the rest of the Jewish women from Making Trouble. [Mentalfloss]
  • Amid celebrations of Women’s Equality Day, Nancy Ratzan reminds us that women are still paid less than men. [The Forward]
  • Ever wonder what the difference was between a New York bagel and a Montreal bagel?  Or why there is a hole in the middle?  Ask your bagel-related questions today, and Maria Balinksa, author of The Bagel: The Surprising History of a Modest Bread will answer them. [The New York Times]
  • Comic Torah: in this graphic novel version of the Torah, God is a woman and Moses is a black man.   [Velveteen Rabbi and The Sisterhood]
  • Not only is God a woman, but she is a long-time suffering Jewish mother, says Rabbi Wenig.  [The New York Times]
  • Recently a Swedish newspaper reported that Israeli soldiers were harvesting the organs of dead Palestinians. Some, like Benjamin Netanyahu, responded angrily with shouts of “blood libel.” Ynet responded by accusing the Swedes of flavoring their lox with foot fungus. [Ynet via New York Times]
  • If you thought a breastfeeding doll was weird, check out the new "Pole Dance" doll. I really hope this is a hoax. [Womanist Musings and Feministing]
  • The National Council of Jewish Women lauds the FDA's approval of "Next Choice," a generic version of Plan B. [JTA]
  • Google Translate: now in Yiddish!  Still, I imagine words like "schlamiel" and "schlamazel" will forever be lost in translation. [Google Translate]
  • This year for Yom Kippur, atone anonymously via hotline. Then Tablet will post your apologies online. Sorry yet? [Tablet]
  • Will the "Colbert Report" be the same without its "Jewess with attitude?" Co-head writer and Executive Producer Allison Silverman is stepping down. [The Sisterhood]
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Anonymous: As far as I know there is no Jewish women's history connection to bagels, but if anyone is aware of one, please let me know. Perhaps we should try asking Maria Balinksa!

Most of the links on the link roundup are related to Jewish women and Jewish women's history. I do, however, include some that are tangentially related through a Jewish connection or a women's connection if I think they are particularly interesting. I apologize if this roundup was a little unfocused. There are just so many ridiculous things to report! (I didn't even mention the mermaid story...)

Oh, my. There is nothing like a fresh Montreal bagel from, say, St. Viateur Bagel Bakery. But is there an actual Jewish women's history connection? They =are= made in North America by people of both genders who speak English (and French).....

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So wonderful to read the long-lost story of this icon.
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