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Daily Link Roundup - July 22, 2009

Everyday I encounter a number of interesting websites, articles, and blog posts that are definitely worth mentioning.  I hope you find these as interesting as I do!

  • The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival opens tomorrow, July 23, 2009!  The festival will include a "Salute to Gertrude Berg," featuring her son, Adam Berg, and panelist Glenn Smith, a Gertrude Berg biographer. Check out the festival guest list for other films directed by remarkable Jewish women.
  • A lively discussion is happening about the "Atheist/Agnostic/Secular Jewish experience." Join in and share your story at Feministe or So Queer.
  • The UK Board of Deputies has released their report: "Connection, Continuity, and Community: British Jewish Women speak out" as a follow up to the 1994 report, "Women in the Jewish Community."  The study is meant to evaluate if and how things have changed since 1994.  I wonder if they have, and I also wonder if the experience of British Jewish women is different to that of American Jewish women.  Check it out.
  • Is a men-only Rabbinate ethical?  Rabbi Brad Hirschfield responds to Randy Cohen's opinion (Cohen is "the Ethicist" for the New York Times Magazine).  Hirschfield believes that women should be in the Rabbinate, thankfully.  However, his claim that "deep spiritual/psychological/dispositional differences define the different roles" for men and women makes me very uncomfortable.

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