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Healthcare, the Wailing Wall, "Dan the Dude," and more

On healthcare:

  • The Senate's compromise on abortion, and the work left to be done. [Daily Kos] [Feministing] [Feministe]
  • The truth about abortion and morality. [Forward]
  • "Needling Worry": Marjorie Ingall discusses our anxiety over vaccinations and other decisions. [Tablet]
  • Are the new recommendations for mammograms patronizing to women? [Feminist Law Professors]

On employment:

  • The Jewish Alliance for Women in Science: a new organization helping Jewish women find mentors and mentees and navigate careers in science and medicine. [JAWScience]
  • The "he-cession" disproportionately hurts unmarried women. [Center for American Progress]

On the Orthodoxy:

  • Sarah Ivry gives a rundown of the latest stories of "Tyranny of the Ultra-Orthodox." [Tablet]
  • The Kotel should be for all of us [Forward]
  • "Yuri Foreman and Orthodox Bodies": Elana Sztokman wishes the same tolerance would be given to women's bodies. [Elana Sztokman's blog]

On women in comedy:

  • Why aren't there more women writers in late-night comedy? [NYTimes]

On giving:

  • Rochelle Shoretz returns to head Shasharet as she battles cancer a second time. [Forward]
  • Is Jewish philanthropy the new JDate? [Forward

On theater:

  • Making Trouble comedienne Jackie Hoffman will be playing Grandmama in The Addams Family musical coming to Broadway April, 2010. [Playbill]
  • A new musical entitled My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding tackles modern Jewish identity head-on. [The Sun Times]

More great stuff:

  • "In a Pickle": Renee Ghert-Zand reminisces about a real, New York pickle. [Truth, Praise & Help]
  • "Do's and Don'ts for the Dudely Organizer with Dan the Dude": An online zine giving helpful tips and advice for social justice organizers to help avoid bad behaviors typically carried out by people of privilege. A must read! [Dan the Dude]
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