The good, the bad, the bizarre - Link Roundup, Oct. 30, 2009

The Good:

  • When divorce is a reason to celebrate. [Sisterhood]
  • "If you're happy and you know it..." Ellen Goodman refutes the results of the so-called "Happiness Survey." [Boston Globe]
  • Cory Kahaney (one of the hosts of Making Trouble) hits the borscht belt with her new play. [TheJewishWeek]
  • "New Jews" are doin' it for themselves.  The post-baby-boom Jews embrace new approaches to Jewish culture and faith, which include praying in the desert, webcasting bible stories, organizing for non-Jewish causes, Jew-tattoos and punk rock. [CNN]
  • With the emergence of women scholars in the Orthodox community, women are starting to talk about sex. [Forward]
  • A National Women's History Museum on the National Mall?  A bill just moved on to the Senate! [Feministe]
  • Rhode Island leads the way with a curriculum on teen dating violence! [WomensENews]
  • More on the Jewy-ness of Glee. [Tablet]
  • Not your everyday philanthropy: Clitoraid is an organization funding efforts to rebuild the clit-- (clitoruses? clitori?) of women who have experienced female genital mutilation.  [Clitoraid]
  • “The Lady With All The Answers,” a new play about Ann Landers opens in NY. [Sisterhood]
  • A new counter-terrorism report from the UN does a great job of considering and recognizing the rights of trans people! [Feministing]

The Bad:

  • Gore Vidal is playing the "persecuted Jew" card for Roman Polanski.  Puh-leeeeze! [Tablet]
  • More transphobia in the media: this time in Seventeen magazine. [QueersUnited]
  • Why do strong women roles fail in Hollywood? [Washington Post]

The Bizarre:

Is there a Jewish way to celebrate Halloween?  That seems to be the question for these Jewish writers.

  • How to have a Jewish Halloween. [MyJewishLearning]
  • A Hebrew Halloween: Looking at Jewish monsters. [Tablet]
  • How pagan is too pagan? [Homeshuling]
  • Jews and the occult. [Tablet]
  • The pop-culture vampire trend goes Jewish in The Midnight Guardian. [Tablet]
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