Guilt, Health, and the Jewish body - Link Roundup Oct. 20, 2009

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: "Where you can put your pink ribbons," by Tamar Fox. [MyJewishLearning
  • Marjorie Ingall and Debra Nussbaum Cohen discuss breastfeeding, and the Jewish guilt that comes with failure. [Tablet] [The Sisterhood]
  • A "healthy" American appetite for Israeli food is growing. [JTA]
  • Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags -- HBO's new documentary about the rise and fall of the garment industry and its role in the American Jewish experience. (Don't forget its significance in labor history and women's history!) [Heeb] [Forward
  • The Sisterhood speaks with Air Force Captain Sarah Schechter, 41, who is a chaplain, a Reform rabbi, and a mom. [The Sisterhood]
  • The Jewish Women's Archive joins Flickr Commons with a collection of WWII images. [Flickr blog]
  • Jon Stewart is baffled by the opposition to Al Franken's bid to end government contracts with companies that prohibit their employees from suing for rape. Personally, I am baffled as to why companies are allowed to do this in the first place. [Feminste]
  • I just came across Annie Liebovitz's "Disney Dream" series.  Technically they are advertisements for Disney, but they are very beautiful and interesting re-imaginings. [MissGeeky]
  • NPR Podcast: Using GPS technology to warn survivors of their abuser's whereabouts. [NPR]
  • Elana Sztokman discusses 25-year-old former Gur Hasid Sara Einfeld's writing at "Hor Basadin," literally "A Hole in the Sheet," which she says saved her life. [The Sisterhood]

It's Jewish Body Week on Tablet. Here are some great articles!

  • Watch Marjorie Ingall and Rachel Shukert discuss Jewish Body Week and their Jewish bodies in these videos.
  • "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes": why we don't see Jewish women in Hollywood. [Tablet]
  • Jewish muscle men? [Tablet]
  • Josh Lambert discusses books about the Jewish body. [Tablet]

The video below is a spoken word piece by Desdamona called "Too Big for my Skin."

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