Love, Remembrance, and Vigilante Injustice - Link Roundup Oct. 15, 2009

On leadership:

  • Jewish Women International releases its "10 Women to Watch in 5770" list.  Mazel Tov! [JWI]

On the Arts:

  • The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco will host “As It Is Written: Project 304,805,” a public performance in which 34-year-old scribe Julie Seltzer will spend a year calligraphing a Torah scroll in one of the museum’s galleries. [Tablet]
  • New York, I Love You opens this Friday, starring Natalie Portman as an ultra-Orthodox woman.  Tablet looks over the history of Hasidic characters in film. [Tablet]
  • Regina Spektor condemns Holocaust deniers in her song, "Ink Stains." [MyJewishLearning]

On remembrance:

  • A Christian school in Florida used a sleepover to "simulate" Anne Frank's experience for 8th grade students. They ate potatoes and couldn't use their iPods or the internet. That's basically the same thing, right? [Tablet]
  • First Anne Frank has a Youtube channel, now Auschwitz has a Facebook page. [YoYenta] [Tablet]

On happiness:

On feminism:

On vigilante injustice:

  • Podcast: Young Israeli men are forming vigilante groups to "rescue" Jewish women from their Arab boyfriends. [NPR]

On love:

  • Teens struggle to tell love from abuse in this NPR podcast. [NPR]
  • Is the concept of finding your "bashert" unproductive, or even healthy? [Forward]

On healthcare:

  • Good news! According to Guttmacher, the use of contraceptives is up, and the rate of abortion is down! [Feministe]
  • A breastfeeding infant is declared obese, and denied health insurance. [LaVidaLocavore]
  • Tell Congress to end gender discrimination: I am not a pre-existing condition! [SEIU]

On comedy:

  • "Susie Essman: Why I love Susie Greene" [Sisterhood]
  • Sarah Silverman is at it again!  This time she suggests the Pope sell the Vatican, and use the money to end world hunger. Catholics are not amused. [Tablet]

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