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A link roundup to keep you busy during Shavuot

On Shavuot:

  • What Shavuot teaches us about women [MyJewishLearning]
  • One woman’s search for the perfect blintz [Tablet]
  • Sarah Bernhard discusses Shavuot [Tablet]

On Elena Kagan:

  • Want to ask Elena Kagan a question? Submit one here [JSpot]
  • Does Kagan's appointment demonstrate that Jews are the new WASPs? [Mondoweiss]
  • Kagan’s 'Hood: Liberal, Precocious, Very Jewish [Forward]
  • Is the Nation Ready for a Jewish Lesbian on the Supreme Court? [Heeb]
  • Elena Kagan, Queen Esther, and Being Outed as Jewish or Gay [MyJewishLearning]
  • Kagain's abortion stance unclear [Jezebel]

On Jewish Women and stuff:

  • Charlotte Jacobson, who chaired Hadassah during the Six Day War, has died at the age of 97. [Tablet]
  • Finding Jewish Feminism in a Handbook from Victorian England [Huffington Post
  • There's a new episode of the Salon on the Jewish Channel [Jewess]
  • 'Give Her a Get': Punk band takes on unfair divorce laws [Sisterhood] Check out an interview with the band, The Groggers, at [JWeekly]
  • Casting call for Jappy Jewish girls for a new reality tv show a la Jersey Shore. [Radar] Commentary from the [Sisterhood]
  • What do the Jews of Glee say about changing stereotypes? [Jewschool]
  • Is sexism keeping women out of the kitchen? [Sisterhood]
  • The Forward highlights the work of teachers’ union leader Randi Weingarten, but why does the headline focus on her jewlery? [Forward]

From JWA:

  • Gail Reimer will be speaking and showing clips of Making Trouble at the Library of Congress on May 26! [LOC
  • The Third Wave Foundation is putting youth feminist leadership on the map! [Feministing] It's great to see other organizations using google map mashups. Just like we are putting Jewish women On the Map, you can now put third wave feminism on the map too!
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