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"Good job women" and other Women's History Month sentiments

  • Don't miss Renee Ghert-Zand's piece about JWA's On the Map project [Truth, Praise & Help]
  • As a part of "Plan A," the campaign for comprehensive sex education, NCJW released a new factsheet on comprehensive sex ed's critical role in preventing and eliminating teen dating violence [NCJW]
  • Disney renames the new "Rapunzel" animated film in an effort to draw more boys to the box office. Amy Stone also sees Jewish tropes of hair and gender in the film. [Lilith]
  • We love Joan Rivers, but how do we feel about her nasty comments about Kate Winslet and Mariah Carey's weight at the Oscars? [Jezebel]
  • The organization Efrat seeks to "save" unborn Jewish babies by offering financial support to new Jewish mothers, despite their claims that they are pro-choice. Heeb takes a look at their motives, such as, um, saving the Jewish race. [Heeb]
  • Young women to head tomorrow's JOFA conference, the first in 3 years. [Sisterhood]
  • Rabbi Avi Weiss of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale recently announced that he would not bestow the title of "rabba" on any other women. (He originally bestowed it on Sara Hurwitz in January.) Is this a setback for Jewish feminism? [Forward]
  • The story behind Yona Zeldis McDonough's most recent children’s book, The Doll Shop Downstairs, about a Jewish girl living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan during WWI, was inspired by none other than Madame Alexander's. [Truth, Praise & Help]
  • An interview with Gloria Steinem touching on healthcare, casual sex, Hollywood, and the future of the women's movement. [LA Times]
  • At the Oscars, Golda Meir's biographer pulls a Kanye West [Sisterhood]
  • Want equal rights? Gloria Feldt says, "Just take them!" [Speaking Up]
  • How one woman amassed 10,000 cookbooks [Forward]
  • Nona Willis Aronowitz, co-author of Girldrive, does some feminist free-association.
  • "Good Job Women!" SNL's Will Forte salutes women and Women's "Herstory" Month. A sadly accurate depiction of what some understand Women's History Month to be about.

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Thank you for writing such a passionate and important book!
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And we just mentioned the book in a post on the history of abortion access: