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Best of the rest: Link Roundup

  • Don't miss the premiere of the HBO Documentary, “Gloria: In Her Own Words” on August 15th at 9PM EST. The Women's Media Center is celebrating this event with a video contest: describe your vision for the future of feminism in a 2 minute video.

  • Gloria Steinem also made headlines by calling for a boycott of NBC's The Playboy Club. Because she was a Playboy Bunny, remember? She is also featured in JWA's exhibit, Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution.

  • A moving post on Jewschool describes the sadness of Tisha B'av as "spiritual tourism," reminding us that we each approach this day from a different perspective.

  • According to Lilith, women are not part of the generational schism that exists in the Jewish community.

  • Gloria Feldt interviews Rabbi Holly Cohn, the "Friday Night Lights" Rabbi who's community in Odessa, Texas, is the basis for the TV's show's fictional setting.

  • A new report from the Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce shows that women need a PhD to earn the same amount as a man with a BA. Lovely.

  • Chanel Dubofsky reviews Rabbi Jill Jacobs' Where Justice Dwells: A Hands On Guide to Doing Justice in Your Jewish Community.

  • Is Larry David a feminist? And if so, is he a feminist hero? The Sisterhood's Elissa Strauss thinks so.

  • On Tablet, three videos from a Columbia Journalism School project let children raised interfaith share their stories. As you might have guessed, the majority of comments dismiss the teens' autonomy to build their own interfaith identities.

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Yes, it's interesting to think about in the abstract, but would probably be a disaster IRL.
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Hi Heidi! We love your bras and would love to feature you on our site. Quick question though--are you//do you identify as Jewish?