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Savoy Curry is JWA's food writer. She is a current PhD student at Northwestern University, where she studies Jewish women in the medieval period. She’s currently working on a project that looks at the intersection of religion, gender, and conversion in twelfth to fourteenth century Paris. She loves a good knit crop top, and she loves knitting them herself even more. When she isn’t knitting or reading books for school, Savoy loves going on long walks with her dog and cooking meals for her friends and family.  

Blog Posts

 Protesters holding signs outside Supreme Court on Day Roe v Wade was overturned

The Limits of Framing Abortion Rights as a Religious Issue

Savoy Curry

The right to abortion has deep roots across religions. But framing the fight for bodily autonomy as a religious issue has limits.

Collage of old photo of author's grandmother and her brisket recipe in a frame

A Recipe That Defies Time—Just Like Passover Itself

Savoy Curry

The ingredients are simple, but the connections to my family and to Jewish history run deep.

Savoy Curry holding Orecchie di Amon in each hand

This Purim, Make Foods That Celebrate Your Unique Cultural Heritage

Savoy Curry

With the holidays falling on the same day this year, I’m celebrating my Irish-Jewish heritage.

Topics: Recipes, Purim
Collage of Hanukkah cookie decorating kit, Mensch on a Bench, and a Hanukkah Bush.

All I Want for Christmas Is…for It Not to Erase Hanukkah

Savoy Curry

Hanukkah might be over this year, but the problem persists.

Savoy Curry Making Cholent

Love Your Crockpot? You Have Cholent to Thank for its Existence.

Savoy Curry

Without cholent, the crockpot might never have been invented.

Jewish Persecution in Strasbourg, 1349

Lessons from the Black Plague: Rejecting Hatred in the Face of Pandemic

Savoy Curry

Historically, pandemics have inflamed underlying societal biases against immigrants and minorities. We must not let Coronavirus do the same.

Topics: Anti-Semitism

A Sisterly Homeland

Savoy Curry

As soon as I mentioned Birthright, my sister seemed to know exactly where our conversation was headed. “I’ve been meaning to ask you about that, too,” she said, reminding me that despite being my younger sister she always seems to be one step ahead of me.

Images of TV Jewish Moms (2018)

The (Jewish) Madonna Complex

Savoy Curry

The Jewish mother loves her children more than anything else, and in this, she wants a better, easier life for her children than she had. Whether that is as origin to our Jewishness, or as learned behavior in the face of bias and antisemitism, it imprints on our mother role and repeats across generations.

Topics: Children, Motherhood

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