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Rena Lubin

Rena Lubin Headshot
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Headshot for Rena Lubin, JWA Oral History intern for summer 2018.

Rena Lubin is a graduating senior at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, with a major in Religious Studies and a minor in History. Rena has a passion for preservation, curation, and education; she has worked as an intern specializing in digitization at the Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center, continues to serve as the Exhibits and Global Education Coordinator for UNC Asheville’s Center for Diversity Education, and is working toward a career in public history. She is dedicated to making history more accessible and inclusive, giving volume to the individual voice and experience that is often left out of the narrative. Rena is also a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, an avid re-watcher of the Kennedy-Nixon presidential debates, and an aficionado of 90s drama TV shows.

Blog posts

Paris Geller and "Operation Finish Line"

How Paris Geller’s Jewishness Helped Me Understand Mine

So, how Jewish is Gilmore Girls’ Paris Geller? I’d say, very.

While Gilmore Girls has a permanent home in my Netflix “Continue Watching” list and I tend to restart the series as soon as I finish it, I feel conflicted about the representation of Paris Geller, and of her Judaism.

Topics: Television
Willow Season 6

In Willow's Defense

From my initial pre-teen viewing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my mom, to the countless times I have revisited the series since, I have always adored Willow Rosenberg, Buffy’s Jewish best friend who is lovable, dorky, and consistently overshadowed by the dramatic fight scenes, the messy romances, and everything having to do with Buffy Summers. That is, until the infamous sixth season when her witchy powers become her downfall.

Rena Lubin and Her Mother as Young Girls

The Power of Personal Histories

As an aspiring oral historian, I’ve always gotten chills when listening to recorded interviews. I love the interviewer’s inviting questions, the way the interviewee may leap into a narrative, the chance for the listener to peer into the interviewee’s past, and the powerful, sometimes nostalgic, recollection of a story.

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