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Mica Maltzman

Photo of Micah Maltzman, tree and park in the background, wearing a white shirt.

Mica Maltzman is a senior at Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC, where she is an editor for the school's newspaper, the head of the Jewish Student Coalition and a group called Student Voices, and a member of Model UN. Outside of school, she can be found at dance or a NFTY event as she serves as her region's Programming Vice President for the upcoming year. Beyond obsessively reading the news, she also likes to spend her free time thrifting or attempting to understand what her phone is saying in Spanish.

Blog Posts

Ruth First

First, Unity

by Mica Maltzman

Just as Ruth First did in her work, contemporary feminist activists must prioritize maintaining a united, intersectional movement.

Folded Road Map

Road Map to Combatting Injustice

by Mica Maltzman

The second pin on this road map is moving beyond research to action. I should use my voice to speak up; but I cannot speak for everyone. 

Topics: Activism, Education
Camp counselor surrounded by campers, all wearing white. Sitting on benches during services.

In the Image of God?

by Mica Maltzman

When I was younger, around the time of my consecration, my vision of God was simple.

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