Ellanora Lerner

Photo of Ellanora Lerner, in front of a tree wearing a dark blue hoodie.

Ellanora Lerner is a senior at the Fishers Island School and the Vice President of Programming for her local chapter of BBYO. She is involved with karate, basketball, and theater, and is a teacher's assistant at her local religious school and an alumni of the Religious Action Center's Teen Justice Fellowship. She writes in a number of genres and is currently a staff writer for Risen Zine. She aspires to center marginalized voices, read more books, and to someday be a high school teacher.

Blog Posts

Photo of Woman at the Beach

Spirituality, Self-Care, and the Fight for Justice

Ellanora Lerner

To see everything as holy, to be amazed by the simple, beautiful things in the world, not only brings me happiness; it also inspires me to fight for justice.

Jerusalem by Efrat Shvili

When Someone Mentions Israel

Ellanora Lerner

For years, these two views of Israel felt like an unquestionable binary to me, and I didn't know where I stood.

Topics: Israel, Palestine
20th Anniversary Cover for "Stone Butch Blues "

Centering My Queer Ancestors' Stories

Ellanora Lerner

Stone Butch Blues allowed me to hear my ancestors speak, and it gave me a new understanding of what it means to be queer.

United States Capital, featuring Christmas tree in foreground.

A Culture of Christmas

Ellanora Lerner

What does it mean to live in a country that purports secularity but considers Christianity to be the default?

A seder plate with the six traditional items and an orange.

The Orange on the Seder Plate

Ellanora Lerner

There are a few stories that you may have heard about the orange on the seder plate.

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