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Leah Berkenwald

Leah Berkenwald

Leah Berkenwald was born and raised in Northampton, MA, where "The coffee is strong, and so are the women."  As such, she was a feminist and equal rights activist straight out of the womb. She is particularly passionate about reproductive rights and sex education, despite her father's wish that she do something less controversial like "save the whales." Leah draws strength from the memories of her grandmothers - two incredible Jewesses with some serious attitude. After three years as JWA's Social Media Specialist, Leah moved on to Wentworth Institute, where she coordinates Wellness Education. You can read her blog at www.leahbee.net

Blog Posts

This week in Jewish women

by  Leah Berkenwald
  • Was Gertrude Stein—currently the focus of major exhibitions currently in Paris and Washington, D.C.—actually a Nazi sympathizer?

  • Women should be seen AND heard in Israel

    by  Leah Berkenwald

    Extremist Ulta-Orthodox groups in Israel are trying to erase images of women from public space.

    Women in the workplace: Sheryl Sandberg on negotiating our worth

    by  Leah Berkenwald

    A post on Reddit's TwoXChromosomes is bringing attention back to the wage gap and the role that salary negotiation can play.

    Screenshot of a Conversation with Apple's Siri

    Siri may seem Jewish, but she wont help you with family planning

    by  Leah Berkenwald

    Back in October, eJewishPhilanthropy ran an article by Leo Margul joking about a "Jewish update" to the Apple iPhone's automated personal assistant, Siri. "Jewish Siri" has all sorts of features to simplify the life of the modern Jew, like automatic sweater notifications so that everytime the weather dips below 75 degrees, Siri will notify your parents that you are indeed wearing a sweater. (Read more at The Jewish Week, via Rabbi Jason Miller.)

    And the winner is... Women of Valor!

    by  Alan Kravitz and Leah Berkenwald

    Leah Wolff-Pellingra is the winner of our contest to rename the History Makers series with her suggestion, "Women of Valor." As it happens, the series was originally titled Women of Valor when it was first introduced in 1997. JWA changed the name to "History Makers" in an effort to improve transparency and better characterize the women in the series in 2008. Inspired by Leah's suggestion, the Jewish Women’s Archive is returning the series to its roots and restoring the project’s original title.

    Frances Goldin, 87-year-old Occupy protester unsuccessfully tries to get arrested

    by  Leah Berkenwald

    In response to the police crackdown on Occupy protests across the country, thousands of people assembled with renewed energy at Occupy Wall Street on November 17th, dubbed the Occupy Wall Street Day of Action. While most protesters understand there is a chance they might be arrested, one protester was actively trying to make that happen. Frances Goldin, 87, has been arrested nine times for civil disobedience; her goal is to make it 12.

    jwapedia Hashtag

    #jwapedia: For whom are you thankful?

    by  Leah Berkenwald

    Today we're kicking off a third round of #jwapedia, JWA's campaign to tweet the online version of Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia.

    An Open Book

    Jewish Book Carnival: November 2011

    by  Leah Berkenwald

    This month, the folks at the Jewish Women's Archive and its blog Jewesses with Attitude are honored to host the November Jewish Book Carnival.

    Topics: Libraries, Writing

    Sneak peek of Gabrielle Giffords interview and more links

    by  Leah Berkenwald

    Next Monday: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will be speaking with Diane Sawyer in her first public interview about the shooting.

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