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Larisa Klebe

Larisa Klebe

Larisa Klebe was the Jewish Women’s Archive's Associate Director of Programs and Education from 2015-2019. She currently works as Director of Nishmah at the St. Louis JCC. Larisa earned a BA from Brandeis University in History and European Cultural Studies with a minor in Music, and an MA from Tufts University in History and Museum Studies.

Blog Posts

Jenny Slate on stage

Jenny Slate's "Stage Fright"

by Larisa Klebe

Have you seen Jenny Slate's new Netflix special, Stage Fright?

Topics: Television, Comedy
Bill Maher

Zap the Fat Shaming

by Larisa Klebe

No, fat shaming doesn't need to make a comeback.

Topics: Activism, Television
Katherine Ryan

Why Keep a Man in Your House?

by Larisa Klebe

Katherine Ryan isn't Jewish, but her new comedy special on Netflix is.

Topics: Television, Comedy
Ask Dr. Ruth Hulu

Dr. Ruth: Pleasure Yo’ Self!

by Larisa Klebe

Have you watched Ask Dr. Ruth on Hulu yet?

Topics: Television
Broad City Lost and Found

The 8 Best Jewish Quotes from Broad City’s “Lost and Found”

by Larisa Klebe

A curated list of the eight best Jewish quotes from Season 5, Episode 6 of Broad City.

Sarah Silverman's I Love You America

I Love You, Sarah

by Larisa Klebe

In this particular political moment, Sarah Silverman’s latest project, her show on Hulu called I Love You, America, is exactly what I need.

Topics: Activism, Television
Cover Image of Michelle Wolf's The Break

Give Me The Break

by Larisa Klebe

Michelle Wolf isn’t a “nice lady,” and neither am I. Screw being nice. Netflix just cancelled The Break with Michelle Wolf after just one season, and I’m not having it.

Topics: Television, Comedy
Cover of Iliza Schlesinger's Elder Millennial

Respect Your Elder (Millennial)

by Larisa Klebe

Having watched all of Iliza’s specials, read her book, and watched much of her talk show, there are any number of aspects of her comedy I could talk about. I’d like to focus on what I see as her evolution as a feminist, paired with the rising trend of comedy specials that challenge our perceptions of what comedy can be.

Eighth Grade Movie Image

Eighth Grade, #MeToo, and Me

by Larisa Klebe

One scene from this movie that I can’t get out of my head, is one that, in the age of #MeToo, speaks volumes about not-quite-right sexual encounters at a young age.

Topics: Feminism, Film
The Fortunate Ones and Ellen Umansky

An Interview with Author Ellen Umansky

by Larisa Klebe and Emily Cataneo

JWA’s June Book Club pick isThe Fortunate Ones, a debut novel by author Ellen Umansky that tells the story of two women, one an older Holocaust survivor, the other a young woman living in Los Angeles, and the stolen painting that binds them together. We talked to Umansky about intergenerational friendship, becoming a writer, and the meaning of the word “fortunate.”

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