Ellie Klibaner-Schiff

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Ellie Klibaner-Schiff is a junior at Maimonides School in Brookline, MA. She is Assistant Editor-in-Chief of her school's newspaper, a member of the mock trial team and the math team, and plays volleyball and tennis. Ellie was also a youth violence reporter for Since Parkland, a project of The Trace, where she worked alongside 200 other teen journalists to document the lives of kids killed in America by gun violence in the year following the Parkland shooting. In her free time, Ellie enjoys hanging out with her friends and has also recently learned to knit.

Blog Posts

Since Parkland Website Image

"Since Parkland": Writing the Stories of Youth Victims of Gun Violence

Ellie Klibaner-Schiff

With "Since Parkland," I tried to celebrate other kids' lives and acknowledge the failures that ended them.

Chemistry beakers with colorful liquid

The Power of My Voice: Combatting Insensitivity in My High School

Ellie Klibaner-Schiff

I think I hesitated to counter my classmate’s offensive comment because I didn’t want to be perceived as overdramatic. 

Topics: Schools, Science
Photo of Sarah Schenirer

Tracing the Roots of Jewish Women's Education

Ellie Klibaner-Schiff

Sarah Schenirer started the revolution—that is still in process today—to create equal Torah learning opportunities for women.

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What a Coding Program Taught Me about Privilege

Ellie Klibaner-Schiff

As one of four white girls in my Girls Who Code Summer Immersion class of twenty, I was confronted by my privilege in a way that I'd never been before.

Topics: Activism, Technology
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Leining: A Balancing Act

Ellie Klibaner-Schiff

Existing at the border between modern and traditional values often feels like teetering across a balance beam.

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