Shoshanna Hemley

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Shoshanna Hemley is a junior at City High School, in Iowa City, IA. She enjoys theater, mock trial, social justice, and student government. She is also an editor on the school newspaper. She enjoys travelling and has lived in three different continents. Her friends know her as being very outspoken and passionate about social justice.

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Checked Boxes

by Shoshanna Hemley

I’ve been told that, because I’m not white and because I’m queer, I don’t have to stress about college applications.

Shoshannah Hemley and another student stand in front of a crowd of students, shouting in protest. Someone in the crowd holds a sign that says "girls against guns."

“Too Loud” and "Too Jewish": Standing up for Gun Control

by Shoshanna Hemley

We were at a school open mic about gun control in the weeks following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting.

Topics: Activism, Schools

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