Hannah Downing

2018-2019 Rising Voices Fellow Hannah Downing

Hannah Downing is a senior at Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio, Texas. She is a drum major for her school's marching band and an editor for her school's literary magazine. When she's not writing or conducting the half time show at football games, she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, writing songs, playing Super Smash Bros with her friends, and indulging in her secret pleasure: Korean pop bands. She loves engaging in political discourse surrounding domestic and international issues, learning about social justice as it relates to Judaism, and educating her friends and family about feminism.

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Sign with #MeToo written on it

Someone You May Know

Hannah Downing

I never, ever imagined that I would be sexually harassed. I thought that my environment was safe, and that I was doing everything I could to keep myself safe.

Topics: Feminism, Schools
Hannah Downing at L'Taken Social Justice Seminar

Raising My Voice

Hannah Downing

I was in a room full of young Jewish liberals of diverse backgrounds, taking workshops on topics such as campaign finance reform and the history of abortion in the Talmud. What could be better!?

Hannah Downing in Yorkin, Costa Rica

Bananas and the Bourgeois (How I’m Confronting My Privilege)

Hannah Downing

Last summer, I embarked on a URJ Mitzvah Corps service trip to Costa Rica. As part of our program we spent a week in Yorkin, a community located in the Indigenous reserve of Bribri.

Man and Woman Talking, Question Marks

Let’s Talk about the C-Word

Hannah Downing

While I can understand why some feminists want to reclaim this word, I personally believe it’s one of the vilest things you can say to or about someone. It’s indicative of our society’s contempt and disgust for the female sex.

Topics: Feminism
Hannah Downing's Extended Family

Photographic Memory

Hannah Downing

I never paid much attention to our history when I was younger. I felt very disconnected from my Jewish past, as I had little grasp of what the Holocaust really was and what it meant to be Jewish, especially growing up in an area with few Jews.

Topics: Family, Holocaust

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