Neima Fax

Photo of Neima Fax, in front of a tree wearing a white shirt featuring a multicolor horizontal stripe.

Neima Fax is from Los Angeles California, and is now a junior at Brandeis University in Boston, Massachusetts. She is majoring in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies with a minor in History. She serves on the board of the Brandeis Orthodox Organization as the Education Chair where she programs and organizes community learning opportunities. Neima is deeply passionate about Judaism, Zionism, and feminism. During her free time she enjoys finding Jewish books deep in the stacks of the Brandeis library, crocheting Kippahs, and getting J.P. Licks ice cream with her friends. 

Blog Posts

Neima in Israel

Honoring Jewish Unity this Lag Ba'Omer

Neima Fax

Since spending the 2020-2021 academic year on a gap year in Israel, I have excused myself from the joy of Lag Ba’Omer, and instead, I honor Jewish unity. 

Illustration of Parts of the Body

Social Media “Influencers”: Start Influencing Girls to Love Ourselves

Neima Fax

Girls today are given an image of what an ideal body should look like on social media, and our introduction into womanhood and knowing our bodies is through the lens of fixing it.

Topics: Feminism, Media
School cafeteria

A Seat at the Table: Advocating in My Modern Orthodox School

Neima Fax

For the rest of the shabbaton, I wanted to walk up to the teacher and let him know how bothered I was by what had happened. But the shabbaton ended, and I didn’t talk to him. 

"Sleeping girl," painting by Sonia Delaunay, 1907

Blu Greenberg: Making a Home at the Intersection

Neima Fax

I learned from Blu Greenberg that to accept the discomfort of existing in the intersection between feminism and Judaism is an empowering thing to do.

Topics: Feminism, Jewish Law
Neima Fax reading from the Torah.

The Aliyah Situation

Neima Fax

That Simchat Torah, I saw the Torah not as something I had easy access to, but something generations of women had to fight to even touch.

Grandmother coloring on paper with her grandchildren. They sit on and around a red couch.

My Time on the Line

Neima Fax

ENFP. Extraversion, intuition, feeling, perception. Four words that, according to the Myers-Briggs personality test, define me as a person.

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