Emma Cohn

2018-2019 Rising Voices Fellow Emma Cohn

Emma Cohn is a student at UNC Chapel Hill studying political science and French. Outside of the classroom, she serves on the statewide Board of Carolina Jews for Justice, a North Carolina social action organization. Previously, she was the secretary and Social Action VP of her synagogue's NFTY chapter, served on her town’s Jewish Community Relations Council, and was a member of 2018-2019 JWA’s Rising Voices Fellowship cohort. In her spare time, Emma can be found listening to podcasts about art theft or color-coding her Google Drive. 

Blog Posts

Ilana Glazer in "The Planet is Burning"

Ilana Glazer’s Stand-Up Special Is Not on Fire

by Emma Cohn

One of JWA's Rising Voices Fellowship almumnae reviews Ilana Glazer's stand-up comedy special The Planet is Burning.

Topics: Television, Comedy
An organizer gives a farm tour

#WeAreHere: Fighting Hate and Finding Home

by Emma Cohn

At the #WeAreHere retreat, I attended workshops by Carolina Jews for Justice about white supremacy, white nationalism, and antisemitism. Light stuff.

Rising Voices Fellow Emma Cohn with father

How Jewish Are You?

by Emma Cohn

I have spent the last year learning that we are all at different places in our Jewish education; we have all had different sets of experiences. And they are all valid.

Pete Holmes doing stand-up

No, I Can’t Take This Joke

by Emma Cohn

In between the mutters of “slut” thrown out like gut punches, the message was clear. They were making rape jokes.

Topics: Feminism, Schools
Emma Cohn at Social Justice Conference

Post-It Note Privilege

by Emma Cohn

Recognizing your own privilege for the first time is deeply disquieting. It can feel like you’re doing something wrong, or as if you can’t participate in social justice efforts because you benefit directly from the oppression of others. And those feelings may never fully go away, but that’s okay.

Topics: Activism, Education
Girl Speak Event

Pressing “Post” on Speaking Up

by Emma Cohn

Last winter, I created Girl Speak, an event-based organization built to foster education and action on issues affecting teenage girls as an answer to the calling I’d felt for years. When I first started labeling myself a feminist in middle school, I began searching for a way to become more engaged in social justice work and start making more of an impact on the world.

Topics: Feminism
Promotional Poster for Wonder Woman

The Wonder of Representation

by Emma Cohn

Watching Patty Jenkins’s 2017 film Wonder Woman was nothing short of a transformative experience. It was a victory, glorious and all-consuming, and it was my victory. I was the hero. And as I sat in that theater, tongue dry with over-buttered popcorn and stale air, I cried.

Topics: Film

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