Diana Myers

2016-2017 Rising Voices Fellow Diana Myers

Diana Myers is a senior at J.R. Masterman High School in Philadelphia, PA. She serves as editor-in-chief of both the school newspaper and the school literary magazine. When not running around trying to get the latest issues out, she can be found volunteering at her Hebrew school, working out at the gym, or reading in a corner. Diana hopes to major in history and/or literature, because all she really wants out of life is to get paid for loitering in libraries. 

Blog Posts

Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney

Please, Sir, May We Have Some More?

Diana Myers

I have attended city public schools all my life, and know firsthand the various difficulties Philadelphia students have faced over the years, especially those as a result of extensive budget cuts. Even though I’m very fortunate to go to a high-performing and well-funded school, I’m aware that that’s not the case for every school in the city. 

Arlene Fickler

Different Stories, Same Meaning

Diana Myers

A longtime fixture in the Philadelphia Jewish community, Arlene has been president of our synagogue for the past four years, overseeing numerous changes in shul clergy, staff, and financial circumstances. She’s everywhere all the time, attending board meetings, giving announcements from the bima, schmoozing with congregants at services. 

Melbourne in the 1920s

Find Me More Like Miss Fisher

Diana Myers

This show isn’t something you can find on most American TV, or on TV, period. I normally have to unplug my feminist brain when I settle down to consume media. Otherwise there’s just too much to get angry over: the one-dimensional female characters, the unrealistic beauty standards, the male gaze of it all. But when Netflix gently pushed me towards Miss Fisher last year, I found that I didn’t have to be upset all the time. 

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Pat Toomey

Senator Toomey, Don’t Be So Gun-shy

Diana Myers

Moderate Republican Senator Pat Toomey is one of those silent guys, especially on gun control. Officially, Toomey is “a champion of the Second Amendment” but still believes we “should take common sense steps to protect the American people from gun violence.” That all sounds good to me—I’m not trying to take away anyone’s constitutional rights either, but gun violence is bad and we should work on stopping it. 

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Sarah, Hagar, and Abraham

Are You There God? It’s Me, Hagar

Diana Myers

The matriarchs are complex women, who do not always behave “perfectly,” or in the manner we would expect of our biblical female role models. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the story of Hagar, Sarah’s one-time slave, and Abraham’s one-time concubine.

Rising Voices Fellow Diana Myers with "All-of-a Kind Family by Sydney Taylor

Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, Gertie, and Me

Diana Myers

When I was still pretty small—in first grade, or maybe kindergarten—someone gave me a book for my birthday. This wasn’t an unusual event; I’ve received more books as presents in my seventeen years than I think most people end up owning in their entire lifetime. What was unusual was that this book was by a Jewish woman, and about Jewish girls, like me. 

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Stock image of a woman holding an iPhone

Texts about Hillary

Diana Myers

In the midst of all these exciting political goings-on, I receive a text. “f*** this country,” it reads.

2016-2017 Rising Voices Fellow Diana Myers Wearing Tefillin

Binding My Religious and Feminist Identities Together

Diana Myers

I started wearing tefillin at camp. I was fourteen and I had a lot of ideas about overthrowing patriarchal Judaism, and I thought it looked cool. Tefillin are traditionally worn only by Jewish men who have reached bar mitzvah age (thirteen), although Conservative and Reform Judaism, some of the more liberal sects of Judaism, are very accepting of women wrapping as well. 

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