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Daniella Shear

2017-2018 Rising Voices Fellow Daniella Shear
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Daniella Shear, 2017-2018 Rising Voices Fellow

Daniella Shear is a junior at Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh, PA. She is an active congregant at her synagogue, a leader of book club, and a member of the World Affairs Club at school. She also plays basketball and tennis, and participates in the school's theater and choral programs. Daniella enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, doing arts and crafts projects, and playing mahjong.

Blog posts

Zootopia Poster

A Feminist Tail Fur All

As the oldest of three children, I often see movies directed towards a younger age demographic with my family. For my sister’s ninth birthday party, we took her and a couple of friends to see Zootopia. I walked away from the movie feeling excited, and proud of Disney for their newest movie.

Topics: Children, Film
Daniella Shear Dressed as Queen Esther

Queen Esther: Quiet Leader

Purim has always been ranked high on my list of favorite holidays. Who doesn’t love dressing up, eating hamantaschen, playing games, and winning prizes? In addition to my synagogue’s annual Purim carnival I also look forward to the megillah reading each year. I always found the story to be interesting, but as I’ve gotten older, my interpretation has evolved from one about a queen who saves her people (the Jews), to a complex narrative about a female leader.

Topics: Activism, Purim
Daniella Shear Practicing for Bat Mitzvah

If Only You Would Listen

I’m very lucky to have had access to high quality prayer services for youth when I was younger. There were options for every age from two to 18, and they were fun. Unfortunately, this rich offering of services for kids didn’t last forever.

Rising Voices Fellow Daniella Shear in Fourth Grade

An Open Letter to Phyllis Lambert

I have wanted to be an architect for as long as I can remember. What started as pretending that my doll and I were real estate agents and playing with Legos and other types of blocks (I had them all), turned into a dream for my future. I don’t know when I started saying that I wanted to be an architect; what I do know is that I’m still saying it today. 

Rising Voices Fellow Daniella Shear in Tel Aviv

What I Would Have Said

This past summer I went to Israel for three weeks on a teen trip with my summer camp: a rite of passage for Jewish teens. It was my second time visiting Israel; I had previously been with my family. 

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